Sterile Processing - Course Planning

This 12 credit, short–term certificate in Sterile Processing will help prepare you for employment in surgical services in a healthcare facility. The certificate is offered in Spring Quarter, and classes include: 

AHE 140 Sterile/Instrument Technician (10 Credits)
This course addresses infection control as well as supplying, processing and distributing supplies. The student will gain knowledge in safety, inventories, interpersonal skills, communication, interdisciplinary teams, professionalism and ethics.

AHE 126 Essential Skills in Healthcare (2 credits)
Learn core skills applicable to all health disciplines. This program includes CPR and First Aid modules. Both CPR & First Aid certificates are required to work in Central Supply Processing.

The Sterile Processing certificate can be completed as an I-Best program, where you receive basic skills instruction along with in-demand job skills, or as the first quarter in a Surgical Technology certificate or Associate of Applied Science Transfer (AAS–T) degree.

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