Health Education Center

With the demand for healthcare expected to increase significantly in Seattle and the Puget Sound region, the need has never been greater for highly-trained healthcare workers. Seattle Central Health Education Center, our new satellite location in the iconic Pacific Tower, offers high-tech training and an innovative teaching model to develop the next generation of workers for positions in this vital and growing industry.

The Seattle Central Health Education Center:

  • Increases the number of skilled healthcare workers. With expanded facilities and programs supported by this new campus, our programs have room to grow, enabling Seattle Central to train many more workers each year to fill essential positions in the growing healthcare sector.
  • Makes education more accessible. Our programs offer flexible classes – including day, evening and online options – designed for working professionals. Advanced distance learning technology make it possible to train nurses and community health workers throughout the region and across the state. This will give area residents access to high-quality education and training so they can develop new skills to advance their careers.
  • Provides a better training experience. A key strength of this building are the collaborations with other organizations. For example, Neighborcare Health community dental clinic is co-located in our center, providing real-world learning opportunities for our students. These partnerships will also increase access to affordable healthcare services for low-income patients.

Seattle Central’s new Health Education Center will train a new generation of workers and help existing practitioners keep up with rapid changes in the sector so they can take better care of our community.

Linda Marzano CEO, Pacific Medical Clinics

A Look Inside

Seattle Central’s excellent healthcare programs now have a world-class facility. Comprised of 85,000 square feet on five floors of the tower, the Health Education Center includes classrooms, medical labs, computer labs, a library and offices. Students get hands-on experience working with the latest medical and diagnostic equipment. 

The Vision

Located on Beacon Hill, the Pacific Tower is a historic building listed on the National Register of Historical Places and a landmark in Seattle. The Washington State Legislature allocated funds to return the Pacific Tower, a former U.S. Public Health Service hospital, to its historical roots. Seattle Central's healthcare programs, joined by a variety of health-oriented non-profit organizations, are creating an innovative center for healthcare education and training.