Community Health & Education - Course Planning

Students who complete this bachelor's degree program will gain the skills and experience needed to excel as members of a healthcare team in hospitals, nursing facilities, medical clinics, rehabilitation facilities and beyond.

Earning this degree requires a total of 180 credits, including applicable credits from your associate degree. Depending on your prior college experience, you may be able to earn your bachelor’s degree in as little as one year!

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General Education Courses (60 credits)
Prefix Course Credits
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
ENGL& 102 Composition II 5
MATH& 146 Introduction to Statistics or 5
MATH 136 Inferential Statistics (Statway) or 5
PSYC 217 Intro to Probability & Statistics for Psychology or 5
BUS 210 Business & Economic Statistics or 5
  Equivalent statistics course  
HUM 105 Intercultural Communication or 5
CMST 205 Multicultural Communication 5
  Humanities (VLPA) course* 5
  Lab science in BIOL or CHEM 5
  Natural science (NW) course 5
  Social science (ICS) courses 10
  Additional humanities (VLPA), social science (ICS), or natural science (NW, incl. math or computer science) courses* 15
Community Health & Education Courses (45 credits)
Prefix Course Credits
AHE 330 Information Literacy for Health Sciences 5
AHE 401 Principles of Research in Allied Health 5
CHED 301 Principles of Community Health 5
CHED 310 Health Communication 5
CHED 311 Social Determinants of Disease 5
CHED 312 Health Behavioral Change Theoretical Foundations 5
CHED 322 Program Planning and Evaluation 5
CHED 341 Community Health Needs Assessment and Improvement 5
CHED 479 Community Health and Education Capstone 5
Related Electives (75 credits)
Course Credits
Allied Health credits (block if transferred) 0-75
Associate degree block transfer credits (if applicable) 0-75
Other approved academic electives* 0-75
Other approved upper-division AHE, CHED, HSM, or ABS classes 0-75

*No more than 15 credits of studio/performance VLPA credits will count toward the BAS degree.

Questions about course planning? Contact the Allied Health Student Development Specialist, Hannah Markwardt, at

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