New process for the Nursing Assistant Exam

Washington is changing the process for completing the nursing assistant exam. The purpose is to increase students’ access to skills testing following graduation. 

  • New process starts October 1, 2023.
  • Registration for October skills testing slots starts now. (See steps below.)

Important Information

  • Skills test dates scheduled for September are unchanged.
    • Testing candidates should keep September testing appointments.
  • Graduates beginning their testing process October 1 or later will take the skills test first.
    • Graduates are expected to pass the skills test before registering for the written test.
    • This change will save steps and time in testing and certification processes.
  •  For October skills test dates, many approved nursing assistant training programs will schedule and provide skills tests for their current and previous graduates.
    • View list of the programs ready to provide skills testing to their graduates.
    • More programs will begin providing skills testing in November or December.
    • By 2024, most programs will provide skills testing routinely immediately after graduation.
  • Graduates will no longer register for skills tests on Credentia365.
    • They will continue to use Credentia365 to get their Candidate Identification (ID) number and register for the written (or oral) exam.
  • For October skills test dates, graduates will use these new steps to register and test.

New Skills Test Registration Process

Step 1: Get a Credentia Candidate ID number. 

  • Create a Credentia365 account and verify your email address.
  • You need a Candidate ID number to:
    • Register for the skills test.
    • Register for the written (or oral) test.
    • Ensure your results are processed quickly.

Step 2: Register for the skills test.

  • Option A: Register with your training program, if your training program is ready to provide skills testing
    • If your training program offers testing, the program will reach out to you about available skills test dates and the registration and payment process.
    • Please wait for the program to contact you (or check the program’s website for information). Contacting the program now will cause delays in scheduling.
  • Option B: Register through WABON online scheduling if your training program is NOT providing skills testing at this time.
    • Use WABON online scheduling to register for a test location, date, and time.
    • The test site will follow up regarding their process for paying the skills test fee.

Step 3: Register for the written (or oral) test AFTER you pass the skills test.

Step 4: Apply for your nursing assistant-certified (NAC) credential with the Department of Health (DOH), if you have not already done so.

Other Information 

  • Overall cost of the nursing assistant exam is the same, but the amounts paid for each part of the exam have changed. 
    • Skills test fee will be $100.
    • Written (or oral) test fee will be $55.

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