Nursing - Course Planning

By earning an Associate in Nursing Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Ready Pathway (AN-DTA/MRP) at Seattle Central College's Health Education Center, you will:

  • Complete nursing pre-requisites and general education requirements
  • Qualify to take the NCLEX-RN, which is a national, standardized exam needed to obtain a registered nurse license 
  • Have a smoother pathway to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree

This full-time degree program is six quarters long and takes two years to complete, plus about one year to complete prerequisites.

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Program Prerequisites
Prefix Course Credits
BIOL& 160 General Biology 5
BIOL& 241 Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 5
BIOL& 242 Human Anatomy & Physiology 2 5
CHEM& 121 Introduction to Chemistry 5
MATH& 146 Q-Introduction to Statistics 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
PSYC& 100 General Psychology 5
Total 45
First Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
NURS 101 Fundamentals of Nursing 4
NURS 111 Skills Lab I 2
NURS 121 Nursing Practice 3
NUTR& 101 Nutrition 5
PHIL 131 Ethics and Policy in Healthcare I 1
Second Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
NURS 102 Medical-Surgical Nursing I 3
NURS 112 Nursing Practice I 3
NURS 132 Behavioral Health Nursing 3
NURS 142 Behavioral Health Practice 3
Third Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
NURS 103 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 3
NURS 113 Skills Lab II 1
NURS 123 Nursing Practice II 4
PHIL 132 Ethics and Policy in Healthcare II 2
PSYC 132 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare I 2
Fourth Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
NURS 204 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 5
NURS 214 Nursing Practice III 3
NURS 224 Pediatric Nursing 3
NURS 234 Pediatric Practice 1
Fifth Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
NURS 205 Medical-Surgical Nursing III 5
NURS 215 Maternal Nursing 3
NURS 225 Maternal Practice 1
PHIL 230 Ethics and Policy in Healthcare III 2
PSYC 231 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare II 2
Sixth Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
NURS 206 Health Promotion and Managing Care in Nursing 3
NURS 216 Nursing Practice IV 5
NURS 226 Transitions to Professional Nursing Role 3
PSYC 232 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare III 1
Note: the educational environment contains multiple latex products and exposure to potential blood-borne pathogens. Current infection control standards are taught in the program.

Associate in Nursing (AN–DTA/MRP) Degree

Total Program Credits = 96

Questions about course planning? Contact the Allied Health Student Development Specialist, Hannah Markwardt, at In addition, you can contact the Allied Health staff and faculty for help.

Class Schedule